About Lesta

My name is Lesta Nediam and I am cracking reality like a nut. I seek true things for true reasons. I am here to bring about a correct understanding of the lie system. Like, share and subscribe if my words resonate.

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You are in a long-term breeding programme and the universe functions like a dream.

You were born into a lie system where everything you are told is either an outright lie or at best a half-truth. The only exceptions are self-evident truths that can be figured out by oneself. The "Grand Conspiracy" is that none of the lies we are told stand up to scrutiny but no one is properly scrutinising them.

My objective is to bring about a correct awareness of the lie system - in part by highlighting the flaws that arise from dishonest and incompetent conspiracy theorists who promote bad observations that exploit, harm and profit from the intellectually vulnerable.